Ethereum has successfully mutated


Cryptocurrency has become less energy intensive.

Ethereum has succeeded in its technical mutation supposed to make it more efficient and less energy-consuming, report the main actors of the operation, quoted by Le Soleil.

“Everyone who helped make the Merge [the technical name of the mutation] a success can feel very proud today,” vitalik Buterin, co-founder and guardian figure of this blockchain, said on Twitter.

“Everything went exactly as planned,” Simon Polrot, a blockchain specialist and former president of the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN).

The Merge is actually to change the way operations are validated on the blockchain, to bring it to a less energy-consuming system.

As this operation was risky, several major cryptocurrency exchanges had temporarily stopped trading on Ether. Since then, several have taken over exchanges, such as Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

As a reminder, Ether, the cryptocurrency linked to Ethereum, represents about 20% of the total value of existing virtual currencies. By comparison, bitcoin accounts for 40%. However, Ethereum has a wider field of applications than bitcoin, since it serves as a support for multiple uses, such as NFT exchanges.


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